best mens grooming kit

Confidence is key when you are grooming your face and trying to look good. Yes, you don’t know what your doing like those other guys. The guys that seem to have everything down so perfect. You got to remember to have confidence and just figure out how to do it the best way you can. You must believe that you can get your face right. Maybe your face is very sensitive and that could be why you need to do extra. If that is the case, so what because your going to figure this grooming stuff out. Go get your grooming kit and have the mind set that you can do this. When I started learning how to groom, I had no idea what to do. But, now after doing somethings to shave my face I have found some ways to do it. Admirably, I want to teach them to you. Give you a good head start with the best mens grooming kit you just bought and help you get the way you want to look for each shave.

Take Cold Showers

Take a cold shower to help your face loosen up better for each shave. Facial hairs are very stiff and harder to shave off then the hair on head. The hair on your head is used to being shaved off. Probably, was shaved off when you was a lad. However, the hair on your face is not use to being shaved off. You need to understand that. It will react different if you go across it with water and a razor. Cold water must be washed all over your body to fix this. Cold water tend to loosen the grip on your face and the rest of body. Find it faster to shave with each motion by taking showers in the cold. Cold water gives face more moisture. Meaning, your face will have more water stuck inside it, which will make the facial hairs on your face loose. Loose always mean quick and soft shaves. You know your doing something right when your face shave is quick and soft. Keep that in mind and take cold showers for now on. You will get use to it.

 Prep Before You Shave

Very important, that you prep before you shave face. Taking a cold shower is good. But, you need to take it a step further and add cold water to face before shaving. Add more moisture and water to face. Wake all the sleep hairs up and let them know its time for them to come off. Wipe the entire face with water. Then, wipe your eyes out with a clean cloth. Leave the other water on face. Mix it with the shaving cream or gel that came in the best grooming mens kit you bought online. If there is not shaving cream in the kit, I suggest you don’t buy it. There is no way you can buy a grooming kit without shaving cream or shaving gel. Complete waste of money. Buying hair clippers would be an exception because that’s for your head. But, any kit you buy for face must have shaving cream.

Moreover, face needs to be prepped with a set period of time. You must set a period of time where you can shave your face without interrupting with other events. Life does not stop when you shave. You got to make it stop by setting certain times of the day for certain things. Allow your life to become less com0plicated by setting aside times for doing things. Giving you full control of your life and letting you achieve all the things you want to do. Especially, shaving your face for public appearance.

Use Razors With Many Blades

Razors with multiple blades are sharper and cut better. It could be the razor your using that does not work. Personally, I have to use about three razors to perform three things on my face. That is way it can be at times. If you find one razor that doesn’t work, try a new razor and make sure it is different. Different technology may be needed to shave your face. Not everybody uses the same razor and structure. You got to use the razor that fits for your face.

Getting your rock star hair to last you months is something you think would be easy. You walk in the store and pick up a purple dye. Put it in your hair and notice how it looks the next day. Everything seems ok and looks full of color. Then, it starts to happen more and more. The hair loses its color on the edges. The color fades off into your normal hair. You try to wash it with shampoo daily to fight off the color fade. But, it doesn’t seem to work and now you need a solution to the problem. Well, besides using the best shampoo for colored hair, your going to have to learn how to maintain that unnatural hair. Luckily, I have learned a few things over the years to help my hair stay vibrant and strong. I would like to teach them to you.

Wait 3 Days Before Shampooing

Wait three days after you change your hair color. Especially, if you want to dye it a color like blue or pink. When you change your hair color, you open up your cuticle layer on head. Its good because your hair can change easily. But, bad because you can also change the color back to its original state too. Generally, it takes about 3 days fro that layer to seal back up on head hair. You must be in a rush to get your hair clean as soon as possible and I know why. But, you need to still wait. Your not going to die from not washing your hair for the next three days. Wait 3 days and you will have hair that is colorful, pretty, and not stripped of color.

To add, plan to not go out for the next three days. During those days, the hair is not going to smell well. Friends and family might say things about your hair. Not a situation you want to be in. Especially, if your someone who see themselves as a cute little princess. Keep your hair away from judgements and possible failure. You don’t want to look your worse on that date either. Make it a strong priority to do nothing for three whole days when you change hair color. The days will by fast. So, do not worry about the whole process taking forever.


 Avoid Shampoo With Sulfate

Never wash colored hair with sulfate shampoo products. Sulfate is used in most shampoo cleaning products today. Make sure the shampoo product you buy is free from sulfate. Even, the best shampoo for colored hair that your best friend you trust told you. Sulfate is a type of anionic detergent that destroys your hair’s natural oils and moisture. Your hair will fade away if you use normal shampoo and conditioners to wash. Colored hair is not like normal hair. Needs to be treated in special way. Treat your hair like its special by using shampoo developed for colored hair. Notably, follow this step to keep your hair in full color for long periods.

Don’t Use Hot Water

Hot water and head hair do not blend well. Each time you wash your hair with hot water, you are telling your hair strands to fall out. Patches will start to fall off little by little. Pretty soon you will have to wear a wig or swoop your hair over like some girls do. In addition, hair is getting weak and not able to stand together with the use of hot water. Go in the shower and turn the knob down a little. It doesn’t need to be all the way down to cold. Just low enough to make the water warm. Warm and cold water does a better job and making hair on your head grow. The reason for this is due to humans using cold water many years ago. Humans no longer use cold water, but cold water still helps out hair grow the longest and healthiest.